Here you will find MSSO's latest news and stories, interesting events as well as recent publications generated by our fellows.




1. MSSO Retreat

September 2nd and 3rd, 2021, Wermelskirchen

One and half a year after the start of the MSSO program in Cologne and Bonn we now have expanded tpur School of Oncology including also the sites of Aachen and Düsseldorf - MSSO ABCD.

Due to delays caused by the COVID-19 epidemic and after several attempts to meet in person at the beginning of September we were finally able to invite postdocs and junior research groups of all sites to the ‘Große Ledder’ Wermelskirchen set in the beautiful country side of the ‘Bergisches Land’.

An introductory hike to enjoy the scenery and get to know each other the day passed quickly with exciting talks and very enthusiastic discussion. MSSO ABCD fellows were able to present results and data as tandems partnering across sites. Building and strengthening the MSSO network. Rather inspiring.

After a delightful dinner and evening and breakfast the next morning we parted again hoping for a repetition very soon.

Big thanks to everyone who was able to participate and contribute. Looking forward to next time.


Zukunftsperspektiven für junge Krebsforscher - MSSO ABCD

May, 2020, Cologne

Prof. Dr. Roland Ullrich übernimmt Leitung der MSSO ABCD.

New paper in Nature Precision Oncology by David Ast and Johannes Braegelmann on influence of mutations in the BRAF gene during therapy

December 29th, Cologne

“Clonal dynamics of BRAF-driven drug resistance in EGFR-mutant lung cancer.”

Targeted therapy is first-line therapy for lung tumors with EGFR mutations. The success of the therapy is limited, however. This is due to further mutations, or the activation of other signaling pathways in the cancer cells. Through the collaboration of the Dept. I of Internal Medicine (CIO) and the Molecular Pathology (Institute of Pathology, Dept. of Translational Genomics and Center for Molecular Medicine Cologne) we were able to investigate the influence of mutations in the BRAF gene during therapy in patients, mouse and cellular models. Our data show that BRAF mutant cells respond to combination therapy with an EGFR inhibitor, a RAF inhibitor and a MEK inhibitor. These data could make a direct contribution to the effective treatment of EGFR-mutated lung tumors that no longer respond to standard therapy.

The article is available through the following link:

Sophia Sobesky's paper on cell-free DNA sequencing in Hodgkin’s lymphoma in out now

October 8th, Cologne

“In-depth cell-free DNA sequencing reveals genomic landscape of Hodgkin’s lymphoma and facilitates ultrasensitive residual disease detection.”

Individualization of treatment in Hodgkin’s lymphoma is necessary to improve cure rates and reduce treatment side effects. Currently, it is hindered by a lack of genomic characterization and sensitive molecular response assessment. Sequencing of cell-free DNA is a powerful strategy to understand the cancer genome and can be used for extremely sensitive disease monitoring. In Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a high proportion of cell-free DNA is tumor-derived, whereas traditional tumor biopsies only contain a little tumor-derived DNA.

The article is available through the following link:


MSSO-JRG of Johannes Brägelmann articel in Nature Communications out now

September 17th, Cologne

Johannes Brägelmann's paper on MAPK-pathway inhibition in inflammatory reprogramming and targeted activation of innate immunity sensor RIG-I


MSSO Lecture - Hereditary Cancer Syndromes

October 26 and 27, 2020, Cologne, CIO Lecture Hall

Topics will include Gynecological Tumors and molecular genetics, Familial Colorectal Cancer and tumor genetics, Hereditary Cancer Syndroms in Pediatric Oncology given by Kerstin Rhiem, Eric Hahnen, Stefan Aretz, Michal Schweiger, Thorsten Simon, Boris Decarolis and Ron Jachimowicz.

MSSO Lecture - Imaging Technologies

Awaiting further notice from authorities

November 9 and 10, 2020, Cologne

Lecturers will be Markus Essler from Bonn, David Maintz, Thorsten Persigehl and Alexander Drzega from Cologne.

MSSO Lecture - Computational Biology

December 07-09, 2020, Cologne, CIO Lecture Hall

The Workshop will be held by Anton Bovier from Bonn and Achim Tresch, Roman Thomas, Martin Peifer from Cologne.

MSSO Lecture - Kinases

March 14, 09-12am, Online

Within the focus I of module IV: CELL DEATH, INFLAMMATION AND TUMOR MICROENVIRONMENT the upcoming seminar puts kinases into it´s center.


Prof. Martin Sos (Head of the Research group "Molecular Pathology" in the Department of Translational Genomics, UoC)

Dr. Hien Nguyen (Principal Investigator at the CMMC and Clinic I of Internal Medicine, UHoC)

Dr. Johannes Braegelmann (MSSO Junior Research Group Leader, CMMC and Department of Translational Genomics, Cologne)