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The first MSSO postdocs are beginning their lab rotations

With the beginning of 2020 the first MSSO postdocs will be starting their laboratory rotations.

We are happy to welcome Daniel Bachurski, Yannik d'Hargues, Julia Fromme and Orsolya Leidecker in Cologne. A fifth postdoc, Iwao Shimomura, will shortly join from Japan.

In Bonn Anne Fröhlich, Miriam Körber, Sonia Leonardelli, Marcel Renn and Sebastian Schlaweck are ready to go.


Deutscher Krebskongress 2020 German Cancer Congress 2020

The 34th German Cancer Congress will take place from February 19 to 22, 2020, in Berlin, CityCube.

Since 1951, the Deutscher Krebskongress (German Cancer Congress) has been organized by the Deutsche Krebsgesellschaft (German Cancer Society). In 2020, the event will be hosted by both the Deutsche Krebsgesellschaft (German Cancer Society) and the Stiftung Deutsche Krebshilfe (German Cancer Aid) for the third time.

In 2020 the largest oncological congress in German-speaking countries runs under the motto “informative. innovative. integrative. Optimal care for everyone.”

Representatives from science, medicine, healthcare, politics and nursing will discuss the latest findings from research and care for cancer patients in around 300 sessions. There will also be specially tailored information offers for young academics.


Frankfurt Cancer Conference

The main theme of the second Frankfurt Cancer Conference from September 23 - 25, 2020 is “From Molecular Research to Mechanism-based Cancer Therapy”. The ongoing translational research activities of the University Cancer Center Frankfurt (UCT), the German Cancer Consortium (DKTK) in Frankfurt/Mainz, the Frankfurt Cancer Institute (FCI) and the Mildred Scheel Career Center (MSNZ) provide the framework for the conference, during which international, national and local research activities will be presented in two poster exhibitions and eight interdisciplinary sessions.