The MSSO Cologne-Bonn attracts some of the brightest young scientific minds in translational oncology at different stages of their career. Those who participate in one of our programs become part of a network and accelerate the development of novel cancer therapies.

The Cologne-Bonn area has emerged as a leading global research center dedicated to translational oncology. Close links between our research groups foster interdisciplinary collaboration and promote the development of novel research approaches. The MSSO Cologne-Bonn community will be one of the top advantages of being part of one of the programs.

Dr. Julie George
Department of Translational Genomics; Cologne
Dr. Nicole Glodde
Jana Boland
Department of Experimental Pediatric Oncology; Cologne
Anik Compes
Department I of Internal Medicine; Cologne
Greta Steinmetz
Department I of Internal Medicine; Cologne
Alessandra Holzem
The Sage Lab, Stanford Medicine; Stanford